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tv   Today  NBC  September 20, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello everybody. it's thursday. we have been working up a thirst. it's september 19th. we're glad you're with us. i worked late last night and then we went out clubbing. >> we did. we're busy. here's the thing we were on america's got talent last night and i woke up thinking how did he do that trick. >> yes, this darling kid. if you didn't see it, we were his muses basically in helping him do his magic trick. >> here was his trick.
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he took a book, my book -- >> yeah. >> i had no choice but he picked yours. >> i selected page number 96. he asked you to pick a page. >> any page. >> and you out of the blue said -- he was flipping and said just say stop and i stopped on the page and it was 96. >> okay. >> and then he said read the first word on the page and i opened it and it said sucking so i said the word is sucking. the first word on page 96. meantime, before that he handed kathie lee an envelope and sealed it and asked her to sit on it. >> which i was happy to do. >> of course you were. there it was 96, sucking. shut the book. then he asked her to pick a $1 bill out of a series of bills and he said read the serial number of the bill. then he said hand the envelope over. the same envelope she had been
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sitting on. watch what happened -- don't watch what happened. we'll tell you. it's better when we tell you. so he snipped the envelope open and do you know what -- this came out of the envelope. >> the word sucking on it. >> it was written on there. >> that's right. >> we pulled it out. it was written on one side and on the other side was the serial number of the bill she had chosen. >> this one. >> yeah. >> it was that bill. >> it was unbelievable. >> where is 96. here's the other part. i want to show how it fits in exactly. okay. look. >> it's crazy. >> it's crazy. how did it happen?
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>> oh my god. >> is it your missing page. >> one word on it. sucking. >> are you kidding me? >> is this the serial number? what the number. >> k 13805733 h. >> yeah. >> yeah. he is an adorable kid. he came in fourth. we were pulling for him. the winner was a brilliant performance artist. i guess he is also a dancer. he's an -- >> an artist. >> magnificent. >> it was fun. congratulations to him. we should point out that our good friend meredith viera is going to be doing an interview with valley harper. >> that's coming up tonight on nbc. >> isn't today the anniversary -- >> the mary tyler moore show debuted in 1970.
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can you imagine? >> no. i loved that show. >> one of the finest ensemble casts ever, ever assembled and mary was the perfect lead for it because she just let it all happen around her. she was brilliant. we're all brilliant. >> any young girl going into journalism looked at mary tyler moore and thought she has her own apartment and works in the news business. you thought it was possible. >> it might be the one show in television history -- i could be wrong -- but had the most spin offs. >> rhoda. >> phyllis. >> lou grant. >> lou grant. >> betty white should have had her own. >> and betty does now. >> i know how to do now, la la la. frank is upset about it. we go down to all the places where we used to look into each other's eyes.
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>> now you're on your -- >> when i used to go crazy about who was that actress on the mary tyler moore show? i used to go through the alphabet and picture her and exercise my brain but now i google it. he doesn't like it. >> so you're busy googling things. >> frank likes to be adored. >> well, he is adored. >> he likes to be adored -- most men -- by the way, how many of you guys love to be adored? every hand went up and some other things.
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well, they're raising all kind of things. >> any who, let's move on to bromance. >> who doesn't adore him. >> justin timberlake and matt lauer has a bromance. we were minding our own business not paying attention to what was on the tv. >> because we don't care. >> we look up and there is what we saw, matt -- oh, elvis. >> as the king of rock and roll, congratulations. >> we did it. >> thank you. come on. >> because who knows what can happen in vegas. >> i am happy for them but i don't think it's going to last, you know? >> how cute are those two? >> you know it's sad when these things happen. we so feel for this guy. did you see this guy on wheel of fortune? >> there's a guy that could have won $1 million. it landed on the sliver of a million. all he had to do was get the puzzle right. it's up on the screen. you can almost read it. there's only one letter missing. you watch because they said he fumbled it and that's part of the rules. >> you have to pronounce properly. >> pick that up and turn that around. see that million bucks right here. $2,350. spin or solve.
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>> i'm going to solve. >> corner curio cabinet. >> i'll solve, corner curio cabinet. >> yeah, that's it. >> heartbreak. >> that is ridiculous. >> we'll take a look at it. >> he lost 1 million. >> shell shock. >> but he got $2,000. >> he's fine. >> he should be grateful. 2,500 more than he had when he walked in. >> he said corner he was looking at curio and he said that.
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>> can you imagine the nerves? >> so upset. >> you know that commercial for the bank and the guy lets the guy go in front of him in the line at the grocery store and congratulations you're our 1 millionth customer and the guy is going crazy saying that's me and the guy going what the heck. what they don't show is that guy turning around and saying you know what, here's half a million. i'm going to share it with you because you were nice enough to let me in the line. where's common decency. >> i don't know. speaking of more than descent, clint eastwood has a son -- do you know -- i just gave it away. sometimes you blow a moment and i just did. let's start all over. forget i said that. who do you think this picture is of? who do you think? >> what does it look like? >> it looks like. >> it looks like my son. >> doesn't look like clint eastwood. >> looks like cody. >> okay. anyway -- >> wow, what a great looking kid. >> he is cute. he's 27. his name is scott. >> oh, there it really does look like him. i guess that's clint around the
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same age. >> very handsome. >> his mother, clint has been around the block a few times. we had to check which one was the mom. her name is jacqueline reed. a former flight attendant. please go back. >> anyway, that was that. i think it's time for a little music. you're going to love this. >> no, this is going to put you in a good mood. this is a gospel song. >> okay. i'm going to like it then. >> this is a song i chose by donnie. >> i know him. >> it will put you in a good mood. >> i had a rough day yesterday. [ music playing ] ♪ again i need you and again you're there ♪ ♪ again i reach out and again you hold me ♪ ♪ you console me ♪ once more ♪ and again ♪ anymore i turn around
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>> nice ♪ ♪ you're there to pick me up the time when i fall down ♪ ♪ we fall down >> i love this song. >> one of her moves. >> i'll show you in another moment. >> all right. you're in us weekly missy. there it is. there it is. and you are -- >> hasn't jennifer anniston been pregnant for two years now? that's what i thought. >> i'm not in it. someone else is in it. >> you know you're being photographed because you're fantastic. hoda hearts blake. oh, he's adorable. he's got a long way to go before he beats bambino's covers and things like that. where is your cover for dog and life magazine with blake. >> look at jimmy fallon's dog. he's cute. >> paul or brian or george or --
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>> gary. >> gary. >> is it okay or not okay to take the ex on vacation with you? here's what we had to say about it. >> it's weird but if you're okay with it who am i to judge. >> look. it is not okay. he is an ex for a reason, hello. >> but you should be nice about it hoda. >> not coming on vacation. >> okay. can i? >> yes. >> that's really lame. but anyway, yeah, i would -- i am friendly with my ex-husband but i cannot imagine in a million years -- >> going on vacation, why? >> well, frank gifford. >> unless you had kids. that is terrence howard? >> i believe it is. he has an unbelievable new movie called "prisoners." but he is a fine musician. maybe he'll be happy to have a smash cocktail.
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>> lo that. >> so we'll be right back. is that all the business we have? >> it is. >> yeah. this movie is very intense. we'll talk about it but then we'll lighten up a little bit. >> we'll be right back after this.
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thank you. >> we have been seeing so much of oscar nominated actorer the -- terrence howard. >> he was in the butler. so good. >> now he is saring along side hugh jackman in the big screen
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thriller opening tomorrow called "prisoners." i watched this film yesterday. this is a tough -- this is every parent -- you have three children. >> three children. >> every parent's worst nightmare. >> then as a grandfather you think you make it through it when your children get older but now i have a 9 month old granddaughter. so have to go through the same fears again and again and again. but as frightening as it is to the human heart, it kind of reminds you to teach your children how important discipline is. when you tell them don't go play near something they need to understand that and they need to listen to that little voice inside of them that tells them when something is about to go wrong. >> spectacular cast. >> hugh jackman. what is it like working with him? >> viola davis plays your wife. >> she is so strong. i wish i had a real wife that was that strong. >> no reason to get into that. >> she is strong. >> she says more with her
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face -- she doesn't need words. >> she doesn't. i feel like i was so creative around her and hugh jackman, the nicest person in the world. everybody says that. every friday he bought 300 lottery tickets and passed them out. >> are you kidding? >> every friday to everyone in the crew and we could all scratch out and maybe win $5. maybe win $20. >> that makes it huge when somebody notices you and says thank you, it's a huge thing. >> was it tough dealing with that heavy subject day after day. >> it would have been tough but jake kept us laughing. >> did he? >> he's very good. >> he's so funny. >> as the police detective who is also very timely in the fact that it seems like one guy is working on this whole case. >> yeah. >> so many of these police departments have had to cut back like crazy. >> but it takes one person that's really committed to
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finding it. >> but also, hoda, because you didn't have a chance to see it, it also is very, very human about what would you do in order -- if you had a chance to help find your child, what extent would you go to and where would you cross your own moral lines. you have a line in there that's unbelievable. >> what do i say. >> i don't want to give the whole movie away. but you moved us deeply. >> the point about being human is maintaining that hue of god in us. you can be man which is just animal but that human aspect is our morals and principles, it's our divinty. >> the butler. >> i haven't seen it and hoda loved it. >> i'm crazy about that movie. did you respect such a response to that movie? >> not at all. >> amazing. >> we jumped in and ran out so quickly. no one got -- everyone got paid scale. there was no money for the budget.
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so for it to be such a great hit it is just a testament about the artistry and what people really want to see. >> beautiful movie. you all love that director. >> lee daniels. >> he's phenomenal. you got to work with oprah and viola. wow. >> you have a guitar over there. >> you play a little music. >> this is a little portuguese. [ music playing ] [ singing in foreign language ] >> don't start twerking. >> i can't help it. >> i have no idea what he is singing but i love it. >> do you speak portuguese or just sing it? [ singing foreign language ]
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>> oh, i love it. >> and you play piano as well, right? >> yeah. >> you do it all. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> it is great to see you. thank you so much. "prisoners" is in theaters nationwide tomorrow. "the butler" is already out. >> thank you for letting me do that. >> you're welcome. >> waiting outside for their chance to get ambushed. >> two women from the plaza show off their hot new makeovers, but first ese messages. going to the bathroom? ha...i can't believe you just asked me that. enjoy? hmm, that's kind of a funny way to put it. well, they don't call it relieving yourself for nothing. i guess i enjoy the peace and quiet. well, come to think of it, i do enjoy texting on the toilet. it is five minutes of me time. maybe i do enjoy going to the bathroom. and you know what? the bath tissue makes all the difference. [ female announcer ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin? visit to join the movement
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all right. we're going to be playing madeline's mad food challenge with four people from the crowd outside. it's about the liquid calories hoda and i are so fond of. >> we are. >> do you know how many guys make up five for fighting? >> eight? >> we have a performance coming
2:30 am
up. >> and we're out of hair and make-up. ready to see themselves in the mirror for the first time. >> two ladies from the plaza get instant ambush makeovers. but first, your local news and weather.
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we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday and time for our plaza ambush makeovers when two ladies from our crowd get new looks. >> all at the hands of today contributor and designer for the stars. >> and today contributor and contributing editor for people style watch. >> jill martin. >> yes. >> what about back up singers.
2:33 am
>> they won't let us in. >> we'll accept it. >> a beautiful day out there. >> great day. >> it's a perfect day. i know it's still summer. we found two great ladies. >> sally kennedy is our first lucky lady. she told us her hair has a mind of it's own. she was nervous but she was excited to try something new. >> all right. so we're little a freaked out in this area because you just wake up on a thursday morning and then this. >> very freaked. >> a woman of few words. what do you think about this? >> i'm excited. but nervous. didn't plan on this. >> it will be great. >> are you excited to see a whole new wife. >> sure. sure thing. >> we're going to take good care of you. >> okay. thank you. >> so she is here with her husband, dan. all right. dan, please keep your blind fold
2:34 am
on until we give you a green light. here is sally kennedy before. let's see the new you. come on out. >> wow. >> wow, sally. >> take off your blind fold. >> oh my god. >> all right. sally, are you ready to turn around. >> all right. turn right around here. >> oh my god. >> it's really you. >> are you sure? >> yeah. >> you're gorgeous. >> wow. >> turn right around here and look at camera 12. tell us about the hair. >> of course i had to keep her blonde. just made it a little darker. it's deeper at the roots, keeps it natural looking. this great hair cut from bridget. >> love bridget. >> she can wear it curly or straight because of the long layers. >> what are we thinking? >> i didn't recognize her. she looks like katie couric. >> obviously one of his fantasies. >> okay. moving on to the dress, look at
2:35 am
this hem line, this is the new hem line for fall. >> below the knee? >> a little longer. and this is a great pink for fall. not too bright. a little magenta. >> beautiful. >> all right. our second lady is marilyn. she is 65 from michigan. and she told us the last time she wore heels was in 1996. so she was thrilled for the chance to get a glam new look. let's listen. >> so another surprise victim i should say but i know you're really excited. >> i am. i am terribly excited. we came down here today just for this hoping to get picked. >> what are you hoping for? >> a new style. a new look. a new look. you know, i have worn my hair this way for 100 years and something new would be nice. >> okay. so we can do whatever we want. >> well, my boyfriend doesn't like short hair. but other than that, you're okay.
2:36 am
>> all right. lewis, that's your only thing. no short hair. >> well, the boyfriend is going to love it if it looks great. that i happen to know. she is here with her friend barb. let's take one last look at marilyn before and bring out the new marilyn. >> oh, yeah. >> wow. >> okay. take off those blinders. >> oh. >> do you want to turn around marilyn. >> yes, i do. >> okay, hon. >> it's beautiful. >> oh my gosh. oh my gosh. >> it's long, see. >> it's still long. >> turn around sweetheart and look at camera 12. tell us what you did. >> this shows that you always
2:37 am
have to keep making small changes. at least every couple of years. the change here is she had one long line around the face and it made her face just down. the layers added depth to the color and, again, the make up is minimal. >> yes. >> and that dress. >> it's a maggie london. >> beautiful. >> beautiful and such a beautiful hour glass shape and this highlighted that and i love the booties. >> oh, yeah. >> very cute. >> and they're very comfortable. >> let's bring sally back out. a big round of applause. >> good job for everybody. >> all right. thank you everybody. >> more fans from the plaza are coming inside this time to play a game with us. >> they are? we're going back downstairs. >> the food challenge you guys. >> thank you, jill, love you guys. in your busy day,
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it's time for another round of madeline's mad food challenge. today is all about beverages which we may know a thing or two about. >> our game show host is nbc news health and diet editor madeline and four people off the plaza were chosen to our teammates. on team hoda we have patti and mark from florida.
2:42 am
>> and on team kathie lee i have sisters-in-law from orlando. >> this is all about beverages. i'm going to read a question and give you the answer. anyone on each team can buzz in when you think you know the answer. if someone gets it wrong the other team can buzz back in. let's get started. >> we're ready. >> we need about 60 grams of protein a day at least. three glasses of days of one of these kinds of milk provides half of this [ buzz ] >> hoda. >> almond milk. >> you would be wrong. >> let's go. >> cow's milk. >> the answer was already up here. >> on the screen. i saw it. >> that's not fair. >> well, chilax.
2:43 am
>> which one of these is higher than 300 milligrams. two 16 ounce mugs of coffee or two shots of expresso. >> expresso. >> which one is it? >> red bull? >> no. there you go. >> that can't -- that's just wrong on every level. no, no. >> okay. let's move on to soda. so about how many pounds would you lose in a year if you cut t just one 12 ounce can of soda every day. >> no pressure. >> 3, 7, or 10 pounds. >> 10. >> you are right. >> 10 pounds. 150 calories a day. you get 10 pounds in a year with one soda.
2:44 am
>> your little victory is dance -- >> this one is a little tougher. which one of these could you eat for the same calories as a 16 ounce glass of cranberry juice in scrambled eggs, piece of canadian bacon, rye toast. six cups of popcorn, or cantaloupe. >> we are going for the big one people. we're going for a. >> you would be right. >> we got that one. >> that was double or nothing, right? >> that's 260 calories. >> it's a tie. >> can you believe the canberry juice you can have a whole meal for that. >> how many glasses of champagne will equal the calories in a large strawberry margarita. >> four. >> four. >> we were going to say that. >> you were going to say that. >> i have a little trouble seeing this. >> oh.
2:45 am
>> hello, i'm going around. >> when the tide turns. >> no, that's fine. for the next time we do it. >> so. there is one difference between club soda and seltzer and what is it? the calories, the sodium content or the b vitamin content. >> there's more calories but it also has more sodium. >> c. >> b, sodium content. no calories. >> okay. double or nothing. >> okay. >> now, think on this one. how far would you have to walk to turn off the calories in three regular beers? a mile is about 100 calories. how far would you have to walk. >> 4.5.
2:46 am
>> 450 calories. you are right. >> i told you. >> and the winner is -- >> it's us, double or nothing. >> everybody wins. >> everyone is a winner here. >> thank you very much, jerry. >> thanks jerry. >> for one more lousy mug. >> awe. >> just kidding. she wanted to find herself and travelled 10,000 miles to do it. >> wait to hear what she found. her life changing adventure coming up right after this. >> did you just say that. >> i said it.
2:47 am
>> when he is out flying, i do pray. >> i love you, daddy. >> keeping contact with the survivors. >> everything that they throw at us, we do.
2:48 am
>> fall is finally here. and for every season there is a reason to watch. "wake up withal". >> it's just right. >> all your local weather, travel updates and the day's top stories. >> you can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know first thing. >> we're like a killer app for the morning. >> "wake up with al" weekday mornings at 6:00 and 10:00. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. every day you stain it. so every day, use crest 3d white toothpaste to remove up to 90% of surface stains in just 5 days. no wonder the number one whitening brand
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is crest 3d white. >> with hotwire's low prices, we can afford to take more trips this year. hit the beach in florida... >> and a reunion in seattle. when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. >> so we got our four-star hotels for half price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪
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most of us have gone through a period when we feel we need to find ourselves. well, mindy was no different. while she was waiting to get into business school she felt the urge to change her life. >> she did. she packed her bags, grabbed her red nail polish and she headed to kenya because what else would you bring with you. she writes about it in warrior princess.
2:51 am
and she made it out of the bush and she is here with us today. what a -- you didn't intend to go become the warrior. that happened when you got there. >> along the way. >> it did happen. >> tell us how that happened? >> i was 27 years old. i was lost trying to find my purpose and i went to go volunteer in kenya to build the clinic. i was close with some of the warriors and one of the chiefs and went on a hike and said how many women are ware yors. and he said none. women aren't strong enough or brave enough. >> i said i have to fly around the world to hear the same thing i hear in this country. i said what does it take? he tells me you can only eat what you can kill, you have to live in the forest and you have to protect your tribe. i said that sounds like something i can do. >> she set out to do it. >> this is how you describe it. i examined my hands. they looked like they belonged
2:52 am
to freddie krugers sister. all that was left was blood and dirt but in a strange way i enjoyed the pain. >> you liked the grueling experience. >> there was many times when i wanted to wave the white flag. i was almost swallowed by a hippo whole. i to climb a tree. >> he was protecting the tribe. >> what was your come away from this thing? what will somebody come away with if they read it? >> dig deep. find your passion. never let no get in your way. if you hit a road block, bulldoze it. >> this is a great read. you are an inspiration. we have an excerpt on our website klg and >> we're cheering you on. >> a brand new song from five for fighting.
2:53 am
but first this is "today" on nbc. >> the toyota concert series on today, brought to you by toyota.
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>> a big day tomorrow.
2:57 am
we have actor tay diggs. plus how to get your kids moving and how to dress without spending a lot of money. >> first he grabbed your attention selling millions of songs like superman and 100 years. >> now he's out with bookmarks and his new song called stand up. [ music playing ] ♪ if you write a tragedy ♪ where you can't be saved ♪ if your dreams put you asleep ♪ ♪ cause your bed is made ♪ stand up, stand up ♪ stand up, stand up ♪ cause you're falling down
2:58 am
♪ if you have to paint your face ♪ ♪ and you're not a clown ♪ if you're naked lost in space ♪ ♪ and all you wears a frown ♪ stand up, stand up ♪ stand up, stand up ♪ cause you're falling down ♪ stand up, stand up ♪ stand up, stand up ♪ before you hit the ground ♪ there is no perfect man, we are just who i am ♪ ♪ if you don't understand ♪ well don't give up ♪ cause one and one is two ♪ enough to get us through ♪ if i can count on you ♪ to just stand up
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♪ can anybody out there hear me? hear me? ♪ ♪ stand up stand up ♪ can you anybody out there hear me, hear me ♪ ♪ stand up, stand up ♪ cause you're falling down ♪ stand up, stand up ♪ before you hit the ground ♪ stand up, stand up ♪ cause you're falling down ♪ stand, up stand up ♪ before you hit the ground ♪ if you have to paint your face ♪ ♪ and you're not a clown ♪ if you you're naked lost in space and the world lets you down ♪ ♪ if you write a tragedy where
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you cannot be saved ♪ >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause] >> how are you folks doing today? thank you for coming. how are you folks doing


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